Village life! Why Oxford’s medical professionals are expanding their search for properties outside the ring road

Oxfordshire is home to some of the country’s leading medical professionals who are attracted to the region for its employment and career opportunities.

Oxford especially draws in staff across all areas of the medical profession, from nurses to doctors, surgeons and researchers.

While the average price of a semi-detached house in Oxford has jumped from £200,000 to £700,000 in the last 20 years (a 250% increase), wages for senior doctors and consultants have stagnated.

Combined with high interest rates and limited housing supply, it is becoming increasingly difficult for hospital workers to buy properties within reach of their place of work.

Here, we explore the trend towards medical professionals expanding their property search to find suitable, affordable, homes.

Best of both worlds

Living within commuting distance of Oxford’s hospitals is a top priority for the thousands of medical staff working locally, but options are increasingly restricted.

If they wish to remain closest to the hospitals, this means opting for smaller properties.

Alternatively, on-site hospital accommodation is available, but it is a considerable added expense and still involves medical staff commuting from their permanent homes several times a week.

The solution to this has been to look slightly further afield to find properties that remain within a reasonable commuting distance, while falling outside the very competitive property market surrounding the city centre.

To the east of the city, this includes the villages of Islip, Beckley, Woodeaton, Stanton St John and Forest Hill. To the south, the search may extend to Horspath, Garsington and Wheatley.

In these areas, value for money is generally better, allowing medical professionals to secure larger, more spacious properties than would be on offer at the same price in areas immediately surrounding the hospitals such as Headington.

Family-friendly lifestyle

In addition to offering more space and easy access to the countryside for families, many of the areas mentioned above possess great local amenities and a strong community spirit.

Primary schools in Beckley, Islip, Garsington, Wheatley and Horspath are all rated ‘Good’ by Oftsed, as is Wheatley Park Secondary School.

Leisure opportunities include local football and cricket clubs and there are gastropubs and restaurants too. Public transport links are good with many buses serving central Oxford, with Islip station providing daily, frequent, direct trains to Oxford and London Marylebone.

Expertise and local opportunities

At Oxford Property Consulting, we pride ourselves on accompanying you through your property search with our broad and deep experience and expertise in the sector.

Thanks to our extensive local knowledge, we can identify off-market opportunities to stand you in good stead for negotiations and ultimately secure the dream home for you and your family at the best possible price.

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