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Investment Property

Developing or investing in property can be a minefield. You need to think about return on investment, liquidity and capital appreciation. You also need to make sure you are up to speed on the ever changing rental market and legislation. Whether you are a seasoned professional or a newcomer, it is difficult to find the time to look at all the options and focus in on the right ones to meet your specific goals.

At Oxford Property Consulting we have built relationships with developers, estate agents, architects, surveyors and other big players in the Oxfordshire property market. As one of our clients you will get access to these contacts and the opportunities they bring to us. We review each opportunity to make sure you only look at the land or property which meets your specific investment criteria.

We look at your short, long and medium-term goals to ensure that the properties we source for you are suitable in terms of return, capital appreciation and resale. We ensure that our clients only buy assets which fit into their own plan and are very aware that one property doesn’t fit all.

We handle all the negotiations for you and introduce you to other professionals who can help with your project. This ensures that both your time and money is invested as well as it can be.

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