What do you value more, your time or your money?

When you look to buy or rent a property you will invariably spend plenty of time and money in the process. But, which is more important to you? In the modern era, we are finding that our time is far more precious.

We seem to be working longer and longer hours and have less time to spend with our loved ones doing the things we enjoy. Maybe you need to think about employing a search agent to help with your property search and give yourself back that time you deserve.

Why should you use a Property Search Agent?

The housing market is becoming more and more competitive in the UK, and particularly in the South within an easy commuting distance of London. This is likely to continue until the government stimulates housing supply sufficiently. In Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties we are likely to see the property market remain flooded with buyers and renters and short of properties.

What does this mean for the average consumer?

  1. Prices are likely to continue to rise. In 2016 price rises were tempered by the Brexit vote but, while demand continues to outstrip supply, prices will surely only go one way.
  2. There will continue to be many potential buyers and renters for each property. It will be imperative to stay on top of your search and know what is coming onto the market every day. Building relationships with local agents will be important so that they contact you first before the property goes onto the open market.
  3. It will take more time to find the right property for you. With prices rising and lots of people looking for the same properties you will view more properties, spending more time and money in order to find your next home.

So, are you better placed using a property search agent to work on your behalf? At Oxford Property Consulting, we know the local agents, we know the properties which are coming on to the market and if they are good value. We are on the portals every day looking for the best properties for you. We will only show you the right properties so you don’t waste any time viewing unsuitable houses. What’s more, we are great at negotiating. We won’t become emotionally involved so will make sure you don’t pay more than you need to in order to secure your new home.

If you value your time more than your money it makes perfect sense to employ us to work for you. But more importantly, if you value them both we can help you save both time and money. Email or call 07979191691 to talk to Ben and find out more.

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