Why do students find it so difficult to rent property?

Students can find it very difficult to find rental properties in the UK housing market, and in cities such as Oxford it can be even more tricky. So why is this the case? Well, in Oxford, the private rented sector is very strong. There are a lot of potential renters and a finite number of properties with very little recent and ongoing property development. This all adds up to it being a “landlords’ market” with them able to have the pick of tenants.

How can you rent as a student?

So, in this complicated market, how can you stay one step ahead of the game and try to find the right rental property for you to concentrate on your studies?

  • Contact as many agents as possible. All agents should know whether their landlords will accept students as tenants and, although some will not, by contacting as many agents as possible you will open your options up to the largest number of potential properties.
  • Be prepared before you go on viewings. Ask what the landlord will require in terms of references. Try and ensure you have a previous landlord reference or a character reference from someone of good standing in your community. Try and find a UK based guarantor who will guarantee not only the rent but also all the terms of the tenancy. If someone is willing to vouch for you the landlord may be more inclined to accept your tenancy.
  • Be prepared to pay all the rent for the tenancy in advance. If you have no financial income guaranteed this will be the only way the landlord can guarantee the payment of the rent for the term of the tenancy and is fairly common practice.

If you are still not able to get your property search on track then contact us on some landlords are more inclined to accept a tenancy when a relocation agent is being used. We will happily discuss your search with you and work out the best way to solve it together.