Buying property remotely

Imagine investing in an overseas property 550 miles from your home that you have never seen before.

That’s the reality of Marburg-based Professor of Ophthalmology Walter Sekundo, who in January of this year completed the buy-to-let purchase of a two-bedroom apartment in Oxford city centre.

Mr Sekundo wished to make a stable long-term investment in the UK property market following its exit from the European Union. After deciding on location, Oxford Property Consulting handled the entire search, negotiation and purchasing processes to ensure a smooth, stress-free, investment experience.

Seven months after buying his first property in Oxfordshire, we spoke to Mr Sekundo to learn more about how using a trusted independent property buying agency helped him make a secure investment.

Investing in Oxfordshire

Real estate is often considered as the best way to invest your hard-earned money.

Unlike share prices or the stock market where value tends to fluctuate over time, real estate is an investment area which has performed consistently well over the decades. And that trend does not appear to be changing.

With the UK’s population continuing to rise and demand for homes increasing each year, there has never been a better time to invest money in property.

In Oxfordshire especially, demand for houses is growing exponentially as London-based workers seek a quieter home lifestyle amid a shift in our professional routines due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Like Germany, England is a highly populated country,” said Mr Sekundo. “From an investor’s point of view, the possibility of property values dropping is very low.

“I could have invested in Dubai, the Netherlands or France. But for me the UK is a stable market, and I am familiar with the location having previously worked in London and Glasgow.”

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Remote purchase

Mr Sekundo first contacted Oxford Property Consulting in March 2020 to enquire about investing in Oxfordshire.

The pandemic delayed his search until the autumn, but by January 2021 the purchase was completed. Oxford Property Consulting considered Mr Sekundo’s requirements throughout the entire process.

This included purchasing a space which could be easily rented, had good value, wasn’t too old and is well-placed in Oxford. Sixteen homes were searched, four of those were seriously considered.

Mr Sekundo added: “We all agreed on the right property and started negotiating. Oxford Property Consulting also found me a solicitor and put me in touch with an agent to agree a deal with tenants too. They even found a broker to change and transfer money. That’s what I call a true hassle-free service”.

“I’ve never purchased anything in my life without seeing it, but now I have. I am amazed what Oxford Property Consulting has been able to achieve in such a short period of time communicating by phone and video call.”

Once Mr Sekundo finalised the purchase of his two-bedroom apartment, Oxford Property Consulting also recommended a trusted painter and decorator to add extra home comforts for the property’s new tenants. Thereafter, Oxford Property handled the keys to a letting agent to run the property.

Professional advice

Oxford Property Consulting is proud to source the best properties at the best prices across Oxfordshire and the surrounding areas.

This is possible due to our team’s extensive experience and knowledge of the local property market.

“If you have a problem with your eyes, you come to me,” said Mr Sekundo. “If you want to invest in a property in Oxfordshire, you go to Ben.

“Oxford Property Consulting’s team are local experts and can provide professional advice based on an individual’s requirements. Unless you have lived somewhere for a long time, it is hard to understand the market.”

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Excellent customer service

Reflecting on his first UK property purchase, Mr Sekundo said he is delighted with the end result and smoothness of the entire process.

He added: “Not once did I get the feeling that Oxford Property Consulting was trying to sell me something to get their reward.

“They really considered my requirements so I would be happy with the end result. It’s exactly how I operate when I work as an Eye Surgeon. If someone is happy with results, they will refer someone else to me – that’s exactly how I feel about Oxford Property Consulting.

“A lot changed in the property market during the pandemic but the entire purchasing process was extremely professional. Still, my friends hardly believe I’ve purchased a house without seeing it.”