How to make your home viewing ready

Selling your home is the first step in getting ready for the moving process. Obviously, it helps to know the funds available for the move as well. On a deeper level, it is impossible to find where you are going until you have let go of where you are. So, if you can sell quickly and at the best price you will be ready to move on.

We have previously given you tips to help sell your home. The importance of correct pricing, choosing the right agent and getting the timing right. These are the decisions you make before placing your home on the market.

Today we have teamed up with Zen Den Oxford to tell you how to get your home ready to sell. Zen Den offer professional organising and decluttering services. They take stressful, cluttered spaces and turn them into functional, organised, usable rooms. They stage homes for photoshoots and know all the best ways to make them great for viewings.

Staging advice

We asked Krista Thompson, the founder and inspiration behind Zen Den, for her top tips to get your home viewing ready. Here is what Krista has to say.

“When you’re preparing your home for viewings remember that you are trying to entice someone to buy it. They need to be able to imagine themselves living there and not just see how you live. So, think about the senses and try and appeal to them all. Here are my 5 top tips to get your home viewing ready:

First impressions count

Make sure the front garden is well kept. You could put some plants outside the front door and make sure that rubbish is in the bin and not around it. Meanwhile, inside the house, don’t have shoes, bags, coats or anything else cluttering up the hallway. Put them away in a cupboard when you have people coming to look at the house.


You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but it really does matter. Nobody wants to see a cluttered, messy home. So, file those bills, put those trinkets in a drawer and throw away anything you don’t want any more. If you don’t have enough storage you can buy storage boxes very cheaply and hide them away in a cupboard. It’s much better than having everything out on show and helps to create the feeling of space.


You want the viewer to imagine themselves living in the house. Lots of family photos make the house your home and not theirs. Therefore, for the short time that you are showing your home put the family shots away and replace them with lifestyle pictures. Remember that you are trying to create a calm oasis that will feel like the viewer’s next home.

Use rooms properly

It is important to know who is likely to buy your home. If you have a family home, make sure that last bedroom is a bedroom. Show that it can be slept in by having the bed made and not covered in boxes. If you are appealing to couples or students, then a desk or reading area might be more appropriate. Whatever you do, make sure you make the most of all your home.

Tap into all the senses

It is really important how your home looks, but there are other ‘feels’. It is important to tap into all of these. You could bake some bread, light a candle or spray some air freshener so the house smells nice. Play some music so that the house sounds calming. Use rugs and cushions to give texture and make the house feel homely. And one final visual tip is to lay the table.”

If you follow these steps it will help you sell your home quickly and achieve the best price. There may be some short-term pain, but we think it is well worth it. If you have your home looking and feeling right, you will minimise the number of viewings. It is all worth it to get you into the new home that you are dreaming of.

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