Is your next home written in the Stars?

Molly Hocking won ITV’s the Voice recently. A rendition of Simply Red’s “Stars”, alongside her mentor Olly Murs, helped her seal the deal. In the following days (try not to judge me too harshly) I found myself listening to the Simply Red back-catalogue. I hadn’t thought about Simply Red for a couple of decades but found myself humming or singing along to most of their songs. Today I am considering how music can help you tap into the emotional aspect of moving home.

The importance of emotion

Simply Red’s music took me back to my childhood. It brought back fond memories of summers spent exploring the countryside around my childhood home. Searching for conkers in the local woods, playing in the fields at the back of the house and long country walks across Otmoor.

If you are wondering why I am being nostalgic, it is because moving home is an emotional process. Rather unsurprisingly, I am writing this looking out over the fields behind my current home.

The house which ticks all the boxes might not feel right and the one which ticks not all might feel perfect. So, when you are looking to move forward, you can learn a lot from your past.

How to harness the past

If you are trying to move home, think about houses you have lived in previously. Firstly, think about what you liked and what you disliked. If you can find things that remind you of happy times from the past you will find an emotional attachment with a property.

If you need some help, search agents help you to work out what is important for you. We are removed from the emotional aspect of the transaction and make sure you get the right advice on the home you do become emotionally attached to.

The power of music

Meanwhile, whether your guilty pleasure is Simply Red, Jimmy Nail, Duran Duran or someone else, if you’re struggling to find your next home, try this. Sit down with a nice glass of wine and put on some of their music. Think of where you used to live and write down some of the characteristics of those properties. This should help you focus in on what you want from your next home.

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