The three Cs of being a good buying agent!

There are three Cs every good buying agent strives to achieve in order to help clients find and purchase their dream property at the right price – competence, candour and care.

Oxfordshire has a particularly strong housing market due to its location, outstanding transport links and mix of quaint villages with towns and historic Oxford itself.

Finding a property which meets your requirements and paying the right price can therefore be a challenge. It’s why people use a buying agent to take the stress and time out of purchasing a home, as one of our recent clients explains below.

‘Outbid and outmanoeuvred’

The most common motivation for working with a buying agent is to unlock access to off-market properties – homes you would not see advertised on the open market.

Our client’s search for a home in Oxfordshire coincided with a 7.8% year-on-year increase in the number of homes sold across the county.

Some properties were bought within days of being placed on the market, others didn’t even make it that far. After being outmanoeuvred by searching alone, our clients called on Oxford Property Consulting’s support.

“We were missing out on homes that fit our requirements because we didn’t have the local knowledge or contacts,” they said. “That’s when our conversation with Ben and his team started.

“It was only until we were being put in front of homes which weren’t available on the open market that we realised we were previously being outmanoeuvred. Partnering with a buying agent showed we were serious buyers and consequently unlocked access to a wide variety of off-market properties.”

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The three Cs

This wasn’t the first time our client had worked with a buying agent.

So, what are the couple’s three Cs which they believe define how a good, reliable and trustworthy buying agent should work? They explain below.


Oxford Property Consulting are ultimate professionals. They know the market and the team has lived or grown up in Oxfordshire for the majority of their lives.

We were very impressed by the quick and fair assessments they could provide to us when discussing specific properties.


Emotion can be a big factor when purchasing a property. Ben and his team were honest throughout the entire process and were there to guide us through the 15+ properties we viewed.


We weren’t 100% sure where the brief stopped. In fact, the team went beyond the brief and mothered relationships between various solicitors to keep things moving after our offer had been accepted.

The team went beyond what they were required to do which really helped our position.

Time and access

In addition to positioning yourself as a serious buyer, partnering with a buying agent comes with two other key benefits.


You are no longer required to put the groundwork in. We take care of finding your dream home for you and can advise on all aspects of a property transaction to ensure you don’t pay over the odds.


As our client, it is our ambition to make you the first individual or group to view a home the moment it is put up for sale.

Our client added: “If you don’t know the area you’re buying in geographically, it’s impossible to have the contacts, intelligence or social network to buy a home.

“A buying agent can get you to the sweet spot much quicker because of their knowledge.”

Working with Oxford Property Consulting

With its rolling countryside, quaint Cotswold villages, charming Oxford city centre and outstanding location, Oxfordshire properties are always in high demand.

So, how did our client find their buying experience with? And would they recommend our team to buyers who are in a similar position to themselves?

“We’ve worked with plenty of good individuals in our lives, but it’s hard to find four people who are equally capable and work together as a team,” they said.

“They were across everything, and we found we were dealing with four people rather than one. There was great synergy in the team, and we’d recommend Oxford Property Consulting to anyone considering buying in Oxfordshire.”

If you’re considering a move to Oxfordshire in 2023, why not contact our friendly team now to learn how we can help find your dream home!

We hope to hear from you soon!