How to make the most of viewings

When you view a property you don’t have an unlimited amount of time, so you need to make sure that you use your time wisely. It may be that you can walk into a property and know straight away if it is right for you. If, like most, you are not one of these people then you need to make sure you can remember things after you leave the property.

Write down a list of important criteria

Before you arrive at the property make sure that you write a list of things to look out for and have anything you might need when you are at the property. These might include the number of bedrooms, whether it has parking, if you might need to do any work at the property or whether it has a large garden. If you know what you are looking for when you arrive you won’t be distracted by things which are less important to you.

Upon arriving at the property check with the agent whether you can take photographs; photos are great to look back on and differentiate between all the properties you see. Make notes of differentiating features and all the pros and cons of each property you visit. Sometimes you will be able to discount properties straight away, in which case, don’t confuse yourself by taking extra notes and photos when they are not necessary. You might need to take a tape measure with you so that you can see whether your furniture fits, but this can be reserved for a second viewing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions of the agent. They will answer if they can and if not will be able to find out the information and tell you later.

After leaving the property look back on things objectively with your list of requirements. Remember that you might not be able to get absolutely everything, focus on the most important things and look for ways to add others yourself. If you are going to make an offer do it in a timely fashion. It is a big step and can sometimes be daunting, but if you dither you can sometimes miss out.

So, in order to make the most of your viewings, be prepared before you arrive at the property, be efficient while you are there and then be objective after you leave.

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