Here are a few questions we are regularly asked. If you don’t find what you want then please get in touch.

Absolutely. We recommend a number of removal companies and can put you in touch with the right people to help with your move. Just ask us for more details.
At Oxford Property Consulting we are happy to help you with almost anything. While we cannot determine which is the right school, we are happy to arrange meetings so that you can look around any schools and find out if they are right for your family.
When you employ Oxford Property Consulting to conduct an investment property search we will give you the benefit of our experience in the rental market. We will give you impartial estimates on achievable rental figures and although we cannot guarantee a return we will give you realistic figures to allow you to make informed decisions.

Our fees differ depending on the service you are looking for. We offer an initial free consultation in which we are able to give you more details of the service we offer and the relevant fee structure for the service you require. Fill out our contact form and we can arrange an appointment.

At Oxford Property Consulting we give you a very hands on, personal approach to your buying or renting search. At the same time, we have years of experience and contacts for you to take advantage of. Many would say it’s the best of both worlds, allowing us to really get to know you and what you want, while making sure you see all of the property market.

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a property management service. We will ensure that when you move into your rental property you have the right contact details for the property manager and we are always available at the end of the phone to give any advice we can.
We cannot answer this question for you, but we will help you to answer it for yourselves. During your search we will introduce you to various different locations so that you can determine which one suits you best. We will point out the pros and the cons to give you the best chance of finding the right home.
No, we deal in and around Oxford mainly, but are happy to conduct a search for you anywhere (within reason). In Oxford and Oxfordshire we have more contacts than other areas so are able to add more value to your search, but our knowledge of the property market means that we can add value to your search no matter where it is.
We live in a world with great technology. We are more than happy to work remotely if you are abroad or unable to come to Oxford in person. Skype viewings, plentiful photographs and videos can help you get a great idea of most properties even if you can’t be here. Moving quickly is very important, so don’t let being on the other side of the world slow you down.

We are more than happy to advise on how to improve your properties and can offer estimates of property values after you have finished any work. We have architects, surveyors and competent builders who we can recommend to give you the level of service we would expect.